How Schools use Social Media


I attend Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley, an extension of the main CMU campus located in a restored naval building on Moffett Field. Our campus currently hosts about 100 students and only a dozen or so professors, and this small size allows us to adopt new social media applications faster than a larger campus with a more complex organization.

Currently, we use:

  • LinkedIn
    The CMU-SV alumni group is available to current students and former graduates. (There is also an unofficial CMU alumni group; many students are members of both."
  • Twiki
    Each student is assigned a Twiki account, and instructed to input their contact information (name, email, cell phone, skype handle, current employer, etc.) These accounts are used throughout the program to access and modify team webpages and collaborate on deliverables. (The twiki is password-protected, so a link is not provided.)
  • Facebook
    Event photos and other timely posts are made to the CMU SV Facebook page. Students (and others) can also become a fan of CMU SV.
  • Student Blogs
    The silicon valley campus maintains two sets of student blogs, one blog for software engineering students, and another blog for software management students.

How does this compare to your school, in terms of officially-sanctioned social media applications?

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