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Blank FAQ Page After Drupal Upgrade

Question markAfter upgrading a client's site from Drupal 6.12 to 6.13, the FAQ module stopped displaying the main FAQ page. I flushed the caches, tried visiting the site as an anonymous user, checked the error logs... nothing was working.

It turns out the trick is in the taxonomy module. Apparently on upgrade, sometimes the vocabulary you're using to categories FAQs gets disconnected from the FAQ content type.

Easy Drupal Landing Pages

"Landing page" is a marketing term that describes a page on your site that a visitor is directed to from an outside source, usually via a paid SEM campaign. Creating landing pages en masse is pretty easy with Drupal 6.

I'm going to describe how to create the simplest type of landing page, a single page which presents an offer to the user followed by a contact form or "web-to-lead form." This form collects the user's name, email address, and any comments. These details are forwarded via email to someone in your organization so they can respond.

Step 1: Content

Drupal SEO Spotlight: Hyphens or Dashes?

Google SEO iconThere's some controversy in the Drupal community over which characters to use to break up your site's paths. Most sites use either dashes or underscores. Personally, I prefer underscores for readability reasons. To me, it's easier to mentally parse this url:


Than this url:


SEO Implications


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