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CSS Fix: Background Image Appears on FireFox but not IE

Have you ever rewritten some CSS, only to discover that the background image of your page's body element works in FireFox, but not Internet Explorer?

FireFox is just a little bit better at filling in the details for misconstrued CSS rules than IE7. If you're using the background pragma to define all the attributes at once, make sure you define everything, not just the attributes you want to change. For example, do this:

background: #e5e5e5 url(img/body.gif) repeat fixed top left;

...as opposed to this:

CMS Urban Legends: 5 Myths About Drupal

Spend some time researching Drupal online and you'll probably find a lot of griping about Drupal -- that it's hard to use, or difficult to understand. Lots of people run into roadblocks setting up their first Drupal site, from experienced developers to nontechnical experimenters. Some of this criticism is deserved, but some of it is excessive, and over time a number of Drupal myths have been built up. It's time to do some debunking!

1. You Need to Code to Use Drupal

Changing Blocks based on Visitor's Country using GeoIP and Drupal

This site gets traffic from all over the globe, and sometimes I want to present different blocks to different users based on where they're located. For example, I might want to feature content about internationalization to visitors from Europe. In my case, visitors from Kenya sometimes find this site when they are looking for Davetech Group Kenya, a local computer retailer. My goal was to make a block appear on each page when the visitor is located in Kenya, directing them to the Davetech Group website. Here's how I did it:

Improve your PageRank: Basic SEO with Drupal

There are lots of articles out there about how to make your site more SEO-friendly, but few of these address Drupal sites specifically. Fortunately, there are a number of easy changes you can make to your existing Drupal site more appealing to search engines! Follow these six simple steps and you should see an increased number of visitors, using the same content you currently have published.


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