Silicon Valley Computing Landmarks

If you're planning to visit San Francisco, San Jose or Silicon Valley, and you're any kind of computer nerd, you'll want to see the various hardware, software, and other computer companies in the valley. But why go through a guide book, when it's all right here on the web? I present: a Geek's Guide to Silicon Valley.
To do this, we'll be using the web's favorite online tool of the moment, Google Maps. Click on the colored map icons for more information about each location. If you can suggest other locations that belong on this map, please leave a comment! Most of these places are just office buildings or historical corporate campuses, but they're easy to visit and most are free of charge.

Company Headquarters : AMD : Apple : Cisco Systems : Google : IDEO : Oracle : PARC : SLAC : SRI : Yahoo!
Computing Landmarks : The Apple Garage : The Hewlett-Packard Garage
Computing Museums : The Computer History Museum : The Intel Museum : The Tech Museum
Restaurants : Bucks : Il Fornaio


Nice map!

I love the computer history museum!

Can you actually visit these

Can you actually visit these places? Are they like museums? What is there to see. Is it like the evolution of the computer or something?

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The museums are open to the public, and the Computer History Museum is free of charge as of April 2010.

The corporate headquarters are also free of charge, but there is usually not much to see besides the corporate logo and some interesting architecture. Intel runs their own museum, and Apple has a corporate store.

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