Notes from Background

These are my notes from the talk on July 2, 2012 at NodeConf.

I'm going to talk about what motivated me to start a project like Back in 2008 or so I got interested in this app framework called AppJet which created an app called EtherPad, a real-time collaborative text editor. During this time I was developing a passion for collaborative text editing. This project was what inspired me to become an early adopter for node.js. At the time, Google Docs used an algorithm that emulated real time, but didn't allow people to edit on the same line.

Node.js, JavaScript and the Future of Drupal

These are my notes from the talk at DrupalCon Denver given by Jeff Miccolis. You can follow Jeff on Twitter @miccolis.

This is probably the only talk at Drupalcon where you'll hear the word 'node' a lot.

[Pregnant pause]

I used to work at Development Seed, which was a small consulting shop in Washington, DC and we did a lot of work for governments and NGO. I was most involved with Open Atrium, Features, Context and Strongarm.

HTML 5 and Drupal Themeing

These are my notes from a talk at DrupalCamp LA 2010 given by Scott Vandehey of Metal Toad Media (@spaceninja on twitter.) I arrived a few minutes late, so the introduction is not included. Thanks to Scott for the great talk!

New Video Tag

This includes a Controls attribute, which says that when the video is shown, give the user a way to control it. It doesn't specify which controls or how they should look, which is up to the browser manufacturer.


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