Notes from Design4Drupal 2010: Panels Everywhere Case Study


This talk was given on January 24, 2010 by Squiggy Rubio and Jennifer Lea Lampton from Chapter Three. It's called Panels Everywhere Case Study. Here are my notes:

Panels Everywhere Walkthrough

The Panels Everywhere theme is pretty different from a regular theme, as you might imagine. A basic template just contains a header, $content, and $closure.

It moves all this markup into a layout plugin, which is basically just what you would put in a page layout template.

Panels Q & A

At this point the presentation finished, and attendees started asking questions.

Q: Why are they called content types? Doesn't that cause confusion because CCK also uses the term content types?

A: [Earl, in the audience] They were called content types since 4.6, when node content types were called "node types." This is another case in Drupal where a term is confusingly overloaded.

Q: How do I get started using Panels?

A: If you have a simple site, take your page.tpl.php and put it into a single layout. If your site is more complicated, but instead of writing different page.tpl.php, you can use panels variants, and show different templates depending on different factors. You can change the entire website, and show a new logo, or a new footer, or whatever you want.

Q: Right now I'll override node.tpl.php and make a node-company.tpl.php for each content type. How do I do this with Panels?

A: We used node variants. You can create a variant for each node type, and show different stuff for each node type. Now you can control all of your output for each specific type.

Q: What are the biggest benefits of panels everywhere?

A: Maintenance: When you deliver a product to a client, they can understand the drag and drop interface, but they can't understand a page template. So clients can rearrange their layouts themselves, and call us less!

Q: Do you know how well it works with Ubercart?

A: Nope!

Q: What is the definitive list of themes that support Panels Everywhere?

A: Check the Panels Everywhere page. Themes need to provide layouts and styles; we haven't talked about styles yet, but for example there's a rounded corner style. Themes can come up with styles that are specific to that theme. Zen comes with a number of zen-based layouts, there's a 960 that lets you pick from a lot of layouts based on the 960gs grid class mechanisms.

Q: How can this help blogs?

A: *crickets* ... You can use it to do pullquotes off the main content off to the side, or perhaps a table of contents, which a lot of news sites use and that bloggers may want to use also. From a blog administration perspective, you have the Total Control module.

Q: When will Panels Everywhere be ready for prime time?

A: Earl hopes to have a 1.0 release of panels Everywhere within a few weeks. Definitely by DrupalCon SF.

Unfortunately I didn't get many notes for this session. There were lots of very specific questions, and the speakers talked pretty fast! Sorry everybody.


video of the panels anywhere session?

is there a video of the session ? can't find it anywhere. word was they would try to put session videos online at the DrupalCon website on the sessions schedule page. very nice when it was done. thanks.

Dave's picture

The DrupalCon vids should be up

They're going to put them on the page for each session on the DrupalCon site. You'll need to log in with the account you used to register for the con, and you should see the video there by Saturday.

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