JavaScript Evangelism on a Budget

In my work as a developer and evangelist with PubNub, I'm tasked with figuring out how to best help developers use our product. My programming background is mostly JavaScript based (and I run the JS meetup in SF) so I do most of my work with other JavaScript developers, or devs who use JS frameworks such as Angular or Ember in their projects. After three months on the job, here's what I've learned:

Node.js, JavaScript and the Future of Drupal

These are my notes from the talk at DrupalCon Denver given by Jeff Miccolis. You can follow Jeff on Twitter @miccolis.

This is probably the only talk at Drupalcon where you'll hear the word 'node' a lot.

[Pregnant pause]

I used to work at Development Seed, which was a small consulting shop in Washington, DC and we did a lot of work for governments and NGO. I was most involved with Open Atrium, Features, Context and Strongarm.

Native Mobile App Development on Drupal

These are my notes from a talk given at Drupalcon Denver 2012 by Kyle Browning. You can follow Kyle on Twitter @kylebrowning. [My other notes from DrupalCon Denver]

Why/Why Not Native

Why Not: Options like Titanium support multiple devices. Developing natively may not be something that you want to do. Rapid prototyping is sometimes easier with JavaScript and Appcelerator. It's also not as hard; developing things quickly is a lot easier!

Six Essential Drupal Interview Questions

Are you looking to hire a Drupal developer? Do you know how to separate the good Drupal developers from the not-so-snazzy ones?

One of my clients asked me to put together a list of questions to ask prospective Drupal developers to assess their skill set. I came up with six that cover a good swath of the Drupal experience. Spend three minutes on each question, and you'll have a solid 20 minute interview that will tell you a lot about your prospective candidate's Drupal cred.

Speed Up Your Drupal LAMP Stack

These are my notes from a talk at Drupalcamp NYC in December 2011 by Sam Kottler, @samkottler on twitter and skottler on

Let's make the LAMP stack go "Vroom!" This is going to be a really high-level overview of performance.

Benchmarking vs Profiling

When we benchmark something, we're setting a baseline to compare against in the future. We want to say "it was this fast this long ago, and here's how we improved." Whereas profiling is telling what is fast and what is slow.


Has a lot of parameters you can set; I'll cover some basic ones.

Varnish HTTP Cache

Varnish HTTP Cache
Poul-Henning Kamp

Content production is nothing new. The basic roles involved have not changed.

Typography, Multimedia, CMS and Production

Content Creation needs diverse input methods:

  • Text editors, Image scaling/cropping, Fileimport filters, Feeds...
  • Flexible Layout/Typography Tools (WYSIWYG, semantic markup, CSS)
  • Content cross referencing ("Other articles about paris hilton")
  • Composition rules can be complex: ("No airline ads if "crash" present in the headline.)
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