Alphabetical Sorting with Drupal's Glossary Module


I was using the glossary module on a client's site, and all of a sudden it appeared to stop working. The glossary page is supposed to sort alphabetically, and all the old terms were still sorted alphabetically. However any new terms would be added to the top of the list, instead of being inserted alphabetically farther down.

Since the glossary module relies on taxonomy, I figured I'd see how things looked on my glossary's taxonomy page. The terms there were listed in a strange order also. In fact old terms had weights ranging from 0-53, but the new terms I added all had weight 0. Weird right?

Here's the solution:

  1. Go to your glossary's vocabulary page, at (for example) /admin/content/taxonomy/2
  2. Click the Reset to Alphabetical button

That's it. Your glossary terms should be re-sorted and new terms should be added in the correct place.

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