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WebEnabled LogoLooking for some cheap Drupal hosting? Check out WebEnabled, a new startup that's trying to gain some traction in the Drupal community by offering a basic hosting plan for free. According to their site:

WebEnabled is a Rapid Web Development Platform that allows you to provision applications in seconds from a library of pre-configured apps.

Unlike most free Drupal hosts, WebEnabled includes SSH access, and SVN access. There's no intellectual property restrictions, just like with a standard web host. You're not crippled to a specific domain name or DNS server, although you are limited to 3 installs on the basic account. (However, if you know anything about Drupal multi-site configurations, you know that you can run a lot of sites on 3 installs...)

In addition to Drupal they offer hosting for other LAMP CMSes including Joomla and Wordpress.

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I am learning how to use Drupal and got a free account at Webenabled, do you know how can I change the theme?

I found a link leads to
"To change the appearance of your site, a number of contributed themes are available."

Nonetheless, I have not figured out how to change a theme that is not one of the five included in the website.



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