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Entity API

[My other notes from DrupalCon Denver]

Which entities are there?

In core, comments, nodes, user accounts, taxonomy terms, feeds.

In addition, contrib modules can define entity types. Modules that define their own entities include Drupal Commerce, Organic groups, Profile2, Heartbeat and Message, and File entity.

With Drupal 7, there is a shift from node-centric modules to entity-centric modules. This is the future for Drupal.

Node.js, JavaScript and the Future of Drupal

These are my notes from the talk at DrupalCon Denver given by Jeff Miccolis. You can follow Jeff on Twitter @miccolis.

This is probably the only talk at Drupalcon where you'll hear the word 'node' a lot.

[Pregnant pause]

I used to work at Development Seed, which was a small consulting shop in Washington, DC and we did a lot of work for governments and NGO. I was most involved with Open Atrium, Features, Context and Strongarm.


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