ThemeRoller 2.0: Refactoring for Speed

These are my notes from Doug Neiner's talk at the jQuery 2010 conference in Mountain View, California. You can find Doug on Twitter @dougneiner

ThemeRoller 2.0 doensn't have a lot of new features, it just works faster. I was considering calling it SnowThemeRoller.

Overview of ThemeRoller

ThemeRoller allows you to easily apply colors, patterns, opacities, images and textures that you can apply to your site on the fly; once you've configured your theme you can download it and apply it.

Designing Interactions with jQuery

These are my notes from a talk given by Steve Smith at the 2010 jQuery conference in Mountain View, California. You can find Steve on Twitter @orderedlist.

To design is to communicate clearly by whatever means you can control or master.

-Milton Glaser

Why You Care

You're not just an implementer or a "code monkey." You care about the project and doing things well. You care about the user experience and whether it's easy for the user or not. Designing interactions is a huge part of this.

Trends in Design and Architecture of Drupal at DrupalCon SF 2010

Nick Lewis gave this talk about what's happening in Drupal's Design and Architecture at DrupalCon San Francisco 2010. You can find him on Twitter at nicklewisatx

The Kitten Methodology

When I first encountered Drupal, it was a weird box that I didn't really understand, and I just pawed at it for a little while. Now I'm a Drupal expert, and I got here by just playing around with Drupal like this.

Spy on the natives

  • Understand the Drupal Culture. Get on IRC and pay attention to what the contributors are saying.

Notes from Design4Drupal 2010: Designer and Developer Collaboration

This talk was given on January 23, 2010 by Jon Skulski at Stanford University. I've written up my notes below. Enjoy!

This talk is about how can designers can focus on making a website easy to build. What reasonable elements can I use on my site to make it easy to launch. I work as a developer in Chapter Three in San Francisco, a design and development firm.

As a Drupal Architect, I'm an interface between designers and development of the site.

Notes from Design4Drupal 2010: Drupal Specific Design

Nica Lorber of Chapter Three just gave a great talk at Design4Drupal Stanford called Drupal Specific Design: A Template Approach. Here are my notes!

Our general process is do a wireframe, then turn it into a Drupal theme. A lot of times you'll miss little details, like the ugly admin tabs you see on a page when you're logged in.

But it looks like a Drupal site!

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